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About llarcat.com Mediterranean

About llarcat.com Mediterranean

llarcat.com, is the web site of the ebanohouse, s.l. group, and is dedicated entirely to the search, sale and real estate offer in Maresme, Catalunya, Spain.

The real estate product offered by llarcat.com, is included in the category of affordable product. llarcat.com , specializes in personalized search, both national and international clients, with a high rate of success in the results, the clientele of llarcat.com, obtains the expected results of a group of professionals with more than 25 years of experiencia.llarcat.com, is a web page that is born from the alliance of different real estate agents with many years of experience in the sector, entrepreneurial and creative professionals.

Our intention is to make this space an interesting platform to publicize the homes of our clients, as well as to show what it is like to live in Catalonia. Our team is dedicated to the sale and rental of all types of properties, from apartments and premises to large mansions.

For those buyers who can not waste time doing searches, and previous information on the type of housing they want, we offer our services and experience to find the most appropriate to your request.

For those owners who so wish, we offer the option to manage for them all the procedures for registration of supplies and rental fees for your property.

If our client wants to make improvements in his home, we provide the best masons, painters and electricians in the area, who work at very reasonable prices.

• We help you find his house. If you can not find the home of your dreams, contact us and we will look for it.

• Harmonization of spaces.

• Maresme: living in a unique environment. Sea, mountain, leisure, shopping, privileged weather, good communication.

• Housing for all styles and needs. Houses, townhouses, apartments, flats.